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Bills vs. Patriots: Starting quarterback not a concern for Rex Ryan

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Rex Ryan does not care who starts at quarterback for the Patriots.

Rex Ryan didn’t even wait until the day after his team’s first win of the season to begin trolling the Week 4 opponent. The Buffalo Bills head coach made light of the New England Patriots quarterback situation on Sunday in his post-game press coonference.

“I can say ‘I don’t care who plays quarterback’ because I know [Tom] Brady ain’t. I don’t care who plays quarterback. Steve Grogan can play quarterback. If Belichick is playing quarterback, we’re coming after him. I promise you that.”

Bill Belichick, of course, is Hall of Fame-bound head coach of the Patriots and won’t be suiting up to play quarterback any time soon. (Grogan, the 16-year Patriots quarterback, won’t be either.) Brady is suspended and won’t be available either.

On Monday, it was reported that the Patriots wouldn’t be adding a quarterback, which seems to be a clear indication that either Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Brissett will be healthy enough to start. Garoppolo injured his throwing shoulder in Week 2 and Brissett suffered a thumb injury in Week 3. Wide receiver Julian Edelman is the only other player with extensive quarterback experience, having played the position in college.

We won’t know what to expect until Wednesday’s practice report is released, and the notoriously sneaky Belichick might not even give any clues then.