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NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Buffalo Bills make a move

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The Bills are moving on up after a win over Arizona.

The Buffalo Bills are creeping up in power rankings. Despite a 1-2 record, that one win came against a seemingly strong Arizona Cardinals team in Week 3. A win over the vaunted and undefeated New England Patriots in Week 4 would likely push Buffalo into the upper half of the league.

Over at, Buffalo jumped up eight spots to 19th, their highest ranking of any national outlet while saying, “Anyone who felt the Bills players wouldn't compete for their coach got a trite "Shut the %#$@ up"Sunday afternoon in Orchard Park, New York.” Pretty much. Arizona fell seven spots.

SB Nation’s power rankings moved the Bills up two spots from 22 to 20. The Cardinals fell eight spots, though, so it’s pretty clear the author didn’t value Buffalo’s performance but rather devalued Arizona’s. SB Nation also had Buffalo ranked highest last week, so it’s a less extreme move where all of the rankings have them about the same now.

Buffalo also jumped eight spots at ESPN, where they leap from 30 to 22. The panel called the win over Arizona the team’s most decisive win since 2014 (if you exclude the thrashing of the Dolphins multiple times).

Pro Football Talk was the most reactive to the Cardinals’ performance on SUnday, dropping them a whopping 11 spots. Buffalo moved up six to 25, but PFT has them near the basement when they were 0-2. “LeSean McCoy’s hard-charging runs made it clear that he was very happy about the change in coordinators.”