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Rex Ryan voices ‘major concern’ regarding Sammy Watkins’ foot injury

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Buffalo’s star receiver will miss his second-consecutive game in Week 4.

After Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan officially ruled out Sammy Watkins for the team’s game against the New England Patriots, he elaborated on the wideout’s nagging foot injury.

From Carucci’s Buffalo News article, “Ryan said he had no timetable on when Watkins could practice, let alone play.”

Some have suggested the Bills simply shut down Watkins for the remainder of the season, and Rex had this to say when that was mentioned:

“I don't mind doing this every week, but obviously, if Sammy can play, then obviously we want him out there. But if this is something that's hurting this young man in any way, shape or form then absolutely I don't want him out there. And that's everybody in this organization. We want what's best for this young man.

Obviously, we all want him playing because of the kind of talent he is. And if it's best that he's not out there, then he won't be out there.”

With the earliest Watkins can be back on the field for a game being October 9 in Los Angeles against the Rams, he would have sat for 24 days, dating back to Buffalo’s Thursday night contest against the Jets on September 15.

It’ll be super intriguing to monitor this situation into next week.