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TE Dan Vitale (failed physical) released by Bills

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The rookie fullback was just claimed on waivers from Tampa Bay yesterday.

“And like that ... he’s gone.”

The former Buccaneers tight end/fullback was plucked off waivers yesterday, but now finds himself right back on the unemployment line.

It’s not clear right now exactly what caused the failed physical, or whether it had anything to do with his release from Tampa Bay, but either way the Bills will be without a player who would have been an intriguing fit in the offense this season.

The release places the Bills at 52 players with less than a week to go until the first game of the season against the Ravens at Baltimore. The team has yet to announce the complete makeup of their practice squad, but a few names have come to light that could possibly join the team for the game. It’s also possible that the Bills could bring back linebacker Jamari Lattimore, the player who was let go to make room for Vitale on the roster. They could also seek out someone of a similar profile who slipped through the cracks and ended up on another team’s practice squad.

Either way, it’s yet another item on a list of unfortunate mishaps for the Bills this year...and the season hasn’t even started yet.