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NFL power rankings: Buffalo Bills not getting respect

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The Bills are unanimously in the bottom half of the league.

The Buffalo Bills have had a rough offseason and NFL pundits have responded with extremely low power rankings. After losing their two top picks to injury and seeing your best player placed on the suspended list for four games, it’s no wonder the Bills aren’t highly ranked, but the offense is seeing a stability it hasn’t since Jim Kelly was under center.

Pro Football Talk ranked the Bills lowest at number 29 heading into Week 1. Perhaps in a dig to Rex Ryan saying the Bills “won the offseason,” Mike Florio notes, “It’s always better to easily overcome a low bar set by someone else that to run under a high bar set by yourself.”

On the high end of the spectrum, our parent company SB Nation put the Bills 18th, ahead of the Dolphins and one slot behind the Jets (who Buffalo beat twice in 2015 including the season finale. Ahem.)

In the middle is Bleacher Report, who slots the Bills 22nd. The Dolphins are 28th but the Jets are all the way at 12th.

Last year, the Bills started out hot by beating the Colts, a team lauded by critics that offseason as a Super Bowl contender. They shot up power rankings across the country. Early season power rankings are so fun, right?