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Seantrel Henderson facing possible four game suspension for substance abuse violation

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Reportedly, the violation was related to Henderson’s Crohn’s treatment.

The list of Buffalo Bills to face a suspension for substance abuse continues to grow. The latest name up is offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, according to a report from Adam Schefter:

Henderson joins Marcell Dareus and (former Bill) Karlos Williams on the substance abuse suspension bench this offseason. As per the substance abuse policy, a suspension only occurs after a player has failed a test that puts him onto the “warning track” which comes with more frequent testing and more stringent standards. Because Henderson failed a drug test at the NFL Combine, he was already on this list. One slip-up was all it would take to receive a suspension.

That being said, this case may not be cut-and-dry. Ian Rapoport reports that the suspension was triggered by a positive test for marijuana, which could be used as a painkiller for Henderson’s Crohn’s disease.

Henderson’s offseason ordeal included surgery to remove several feet of his intestine and over forty pounds of lost weight, and the unique circumstances of his ailment could warrant the necessity of an effective painkiller and help his appeal. Henderson is appealing the suspension, and this case may help advance the discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana in professional football. He’ll have his work cut out for him, given the NFL’s love affair for painkillers like Toradol and hard-line stance against marijuana of any form.