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Gus Bradley: Quick background info, scheme, defensive philosophy

A quick look at a candidate for the Bills’ defensive coordinator job.

Earlier this morning, news broke about Gus Bradley aligning as the defensive coordinator for Anthony Lynn.

With related news surfacing that the Bills’ HC job is Lynn’s to lose, it felt necessary to go a bit deeper on Gus Bradley.

We’ll write a comprehensive deep dive on Bradley if he’s hired by Buffalo, but some background info is needed now.

Everyone knows about Bradley’s time the Seahawks defensive coordinator. Before that, he was the Buccaneers’ linebackers coach from 2006-2008, which was his first gig in the NFL.

For those wondering... yes, if you had to label Bradley’s scheme by number only, it’d be a 4-3.

However, as is the case with the vast majority of defenses today, there are hybrid elements. Succinctly put, Bradley’s defense is a varied 4-3 (under, over, bear fronts) with a sprinkle of 3-4 aspects on the defensive line (some two-gapping) and Cover 3 as the predominant coverage.