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Update: LeSean McCoy (ankle) leaves Jets game, return possible

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The Bills’ star running back left in the first quarter.

Update: Looks like McCoy could return today against the Jets.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy limped off the field after a run in the first quarter against the Jets today.

He was later taken off the field on a cart. Here’s a visual.

When McCoy was tackled, there wasn’t anything super awkward about how he fell to the turf.

A few minutes later, the Bills’ PR account sent out the following update:

The good news for the Bills is two-fold. Firstly, McCoy walked off under his own power. Secondly, he didn’t suffer a knee injury.

For what it’s worth, before halftime, the TV broadcast showed McCoy jogging on the sideline.

We’ll provide any other updates as we continue to monitor the situation.