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Mike McCoy, Norv Turner linked to Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator opening

One former San Diego coach is a hot name at the moment. The other might be Buffalo’s Plan B.

For over a year, Sean McDermott and Mike McCoy have been linked as a potential head coach - offensive coordinator duo. McDermott’s growing reputation and McCoy’s success in a number of offensive settings made this an enticing match for teams in their interview process. It has been assumed that McCoy, now unemployed, would follow McDermott to his next opportunity. But McCoy may be a hotter ticket than originally thought. In addition to his potential pairing with McDermott, he has been mentioned as the potential offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos under Vance Joseph, and it appears a number of coaches were using him as a bargaining chip during interviews:

What happens, then, if McCoy returns to Denver or moves on to another opening instead of following McDermott? The next choice may be another former San Diego Chargers head coach.

Turner has had a long history of success in the NFL employing his detailed Air Coryell variant. The scheme asks a lot of its players, but when it’s working properly it can create some of the best rushing and passing in the league. He most recently resigned from his post as offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings this past year.

If Turner does join the Bills, his son Scott could come along as the new quarterbacks coach. He parted ways with the Vikings at the end of this season.

On the other hand, the Bills still have Anthony Lynn under contract. If his interviewers choose to go in another direction, they could probably do worse than to keep him around for the next season.