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Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy out of Pro Bowl

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For the second straight season, Shady won’t play in the game after being voted in.

With all of the hoopla around the Bills’ hiring of Sean McDermott to be their next head coach, a bit of news slipped in under the radar around a game that some Bills can still play in this season.

LeSean McCoy, who was voted in to the Pro Bowl for the second straight season, won’t be playing and has been replaced by Dolphins running back (and Bills killer) Jay Ajayi.

McCoy, who finished the season with 1,267 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground along with 356 yards and one touchdown in the receiving game, is actually missing the Pro Bowl after being voted in for the third straight season. He hasn’t played in the game since making the roster with the Eagles in 2013. McCoy suffered an ankle injury in the Bills’ 30-10 loss to close out the regular season that, while not necessarily still affecting him, gives him a plausible reason to skip the “game” in Orlando this year.

The other switch mentioned in that tweet also has some Bills connections. Green suffered a hamstring injury early in the Bills’ victory over the Bengals in Week 11 and, while on the cusp of returning near the end of the year, didn’t play again in 2016. He’s replaced by Landry, whose cheap shot on Aaron Williams earlier in the season may have ended his career.

There will be plenty of fluidity with the Pro Bowl rosters in the coming weeks, especially once the Super Bowl teams are set, but at this point linebacker Lorenzo Alexander will be the only player representing the Bills as the “game” returns to the old AFC vs. NFC format.