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Brinson: Getting Sean McDermott should be “thrilling prospect” for Bills fans

The CBS Sports NFL writer offered up his thoughts on the former Panthers defensive coordinator.

To get insight on new Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott, I reached out to CBS Sports’ NFL writer Will Brinson. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina and went to North Carolina State. He knows the Carolina Panthers very well.

Instead of asking a set of specific questions, I asked Will for a general outline on McDermott as a coach.

Brinson’s response:

“McDermott's always been a guy who felt like he was going to be underrated because of how things went in Philadelphia. Remember: he was Andy Reid's hand-picked successor for Jim Johnson, and when he couldn't live up to Johnson's success with lesser personnel, he got unceremoniously kicked to the curb for Juan Castillo.

He was a value steal at the age of 37 for Ron Rivera and his ability to turn the defense around is obvious -- the Panthers twice finished in the top 10 in yards and points allowed in a single season (2013 and 2015) and they were top 10 in takeaways the last four years.

The player development under McDermott was ridiculous too. Star Lotulelei, Kawaan Short, Luke Kuechly and Shaq Thompson are all drafted players still on the roster who developed into quality players if not stars/superstars. Josh Norman became one of the best corners in the league. The number of different guys in the secondary -- Mike Mitchell, Captain Munnerlyn, Kurt Coleman, Roman Harper to name a few -- who produced despite age and/or a lesser resume under McDermott is incredible as well.

If you're a Bills fan, the idea of getting an experienced but young coach with a track record for developing quality players, implementing a high-level scheme and working quietly but successfully within the organization should be a thrilling prospect.”

Big thanks for Will for taking the time to offer solid analysis of the Bills’ new head coach.