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Kim and Terry Pegula, Doug Whaley comment on Sean McDermott hire

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The Buffalo Bills brass have all weighed in on the Sean McDermott hire.

The Buffalo Bills will officially name Sean McDermott their 20th head coach Friday at a 2 p.m. press conference but between his hiring and the press conference, the team has released a myriad of statements. We collected the statements of Buffalo Bills owners Kim and Terry Pegula and general manager Doug Whaley in addition to McDermott’s own comments for you to peruse here.

Head coach Sean McDermott

From the team website announcing the hire:

“I am very appreciative of the opportunity to become the Buffalo Bills new head coach and join the rich tradition of Bills football. I am looking forward to connecting with our players, Bills staff and the passionate fan base. I want to thank Terry and Kim and I look forward to working with Doug and the entire football department.”

Owners Terry and Kim Pegula

From the team website announcing the hire:

“We believe we have hired a smart, determined and hard-working head coach who has been training for many years to achieve this goal. Sean is an ambitious leader who has the desire to lead this organization to compete for and ultimately win a Super Bowl. We look forward to working with Sean for many years to come.” - Terry Pegula

In a text message to the Associated Press:

"2x natl prep champ wrestler says it all. I know that isn't a quality for NFL HC, but of character & hardwork focus that says it all." - Terry Pegula

In a conversation with The Buffalo News:

On what they were looking for in a coach:

TP: We wanted to hire the best coach that we could find in our minds.
KP: That's what we're always searching for. We don't always get it right. I don't think any team always gets it right. But the best coach that we could find for long-term success, that was the criteria last time, and that's the criteria this time.

On what separated Sean McDermott from the field of candidates:

TP: An absolute attention to detail. He's been basically, believe or not, since high school he has wanted to be a head coach in the National Football League. You can see from his wrestling background, being a two-time national prep champ, determination, work ethic and just an absolute will that was very impressive that he's carried through his life. Andy Reid actually took him under his wing and helped him on his way -- I talked to Andy and Sean told us this story -- by building a coach. He built Sean and started the foundation that created a coach. I thought that was an impressive story.

On the structure of the team’s operations:

TP: Very simple. Coach and GM report to the owners. And Russ is running the business side.

General manager Doug Whaley

From the team website announcing the hire:

“Sean McDermott is an excellent football coach and we feel he is the perfect leader for this team. Sean’s intelligence, leadership qualities and vision for our team impressed us throughout the interview process. I am excited to begin working with Coach McDermott and his staff.”