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Buffalo Bills add veteran DL coach Waufle

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Like the rest of Sean McDermott’s staff, Waufle brings a ton of experience to the Bills.

The Bills have added another coach to Sean McDermott’s staff, announcing today that Mike Waufle will be the team’s defensive line coach this season.

Waufle, 62, brings some local roots to McDermott’s staff. He’s a native of Hornell, New York, and he broke into coaching at Alfred University way back in 1979. He’s spent his entire career as a defensive line coach, aside from a short stint coaching Utah State’s offensive line in the early 1980’s.

In the NFL, Waufle has coached defensive lines for the Raiders (1998-2003), Giants (2004-09), the Raiders again (2010-11), and Rams (2012-16). The Giants won Super Bowl XLII with Waufle on staff, largely helped by a defensive line that featured young standouts in Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora, who would both make multiple Pro Bowls under Waufle’s tutelage. More recently, Waufle helped develop one of the NFL’s best defensive lines with the Rams, guiding young stars like Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, and Robert Quinn.

With the Bills, Waufle’s most important task will be turning around the career trajectory of Marcell Dareus, whose litany of problems have many fans calling for his release. He’ll also need to help develop the eventual replacement for Kyle Williams, who will be 34 by the time the season rolls around. With the Bills likely moving back to a 4-3 defense, he’ll also need to work with defensive ends who have spent the last two seasons in Rex Ryan’s attacking 3-4, including promising youngster Shaq Lawson.

So far, the theme with McDermott’s staff seems to be “experience”. McDermott himself has been in the coaching business since 1998, and is still the least-experienced coach on his staff by a significant margin. Aside from special teams coordinator Danny Crossman, all of McDermott’s hires were coaching in the 1980’s. Waufle is the most experienced voice yet, but if the hires so far tell us anything he might not end up in that role.