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Buffalo Bills targeting Brad Childress, Greg Olson for offensive coordinator

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After losing out on Mike McCoy, Sean McDermott seems to be honing in on two coaching vets.

When Sean McDermott was hired as the next head coach of the Bills, early reports had him targeting former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy as his offensive coordinator.

Now that McCoy is off the market, some other names are beginning to emerge as contenders for the job.

Per’s Ian Rapoport, the Bills are believed to be looking at current Chiefs co-offensive coordinator Brad Childress for the role. If that doesn’t work, former Jaguars offensive coordinator Greg Olson could be a fall-back choice.

Childress, 60, is probably the front-runner for the role, assuming he becomes available at some point. The Chiefs are still alive in the playoffs and hosting the Steelers tonight for the right to face the Patriots in the AFC Championship next week.

Assuming the Chiefs lose tonight, though, Childress could be a good fit for the Bills offense. He’s been with the Chiefs for the last four seasons (spending the first three as a spread game analyst), a time that has coincided with the tenure of Alex Smith in Kansas City. Smith’s skill set is remarkably similar to Tyrod Taylor’s, which could be a strong indication about what the new regime plans to do about the incumbent starting quarterback.

Childress fits the profile of the rest of McDermott’s hires so far, having broken into coaching way back in 1978 at the University of Illinois. Childress was a quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator with the Eagles from 1999 to 2005 with McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, who replaced Childress when he was fired as head coach of the VIkings in 2010. Childress recorded a 39-35 record in four-plus seasons with the Vikings, reaching the playoffs twice and making the NFC Championship game in 2009 behind the quarterbacking of Brett Favre.

If Childress can’t be hired, the Bills may turn to Olson. The 53-year-old doesn’t have the reputation of Childress, but he does have plenty of experience at both the college and NFL levels. His crowning achievement came while serving as Purdue’s quarterbacks coach from 1997-2000, where he helped mold a young Drew Brees into one of the most prolific passers the NFL has ever seen.

Unfortunately for Olson, he hasn’t been blessed with the same level of talent in his NFL stops. In his ten seasons as an offensive coordinator with the Lions, Rams, Buccaneers, Raiders, and Jaguars, an Olson offense has finished better than 18th in total yardage exactly once (sixth in 2006). The list of quarterbacks he’s had to work with, however, isn’t pretty:

Whether or not McDermott will wait for Childress if the Chiefs beat the Steelers tonight remains to be seen, and it’s also possible some other name could emerge from the shadows. At this point, however, it seems that tonight’s game is going to be a lot more interesting to Bills fans than it otherwise might have been.