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Buffalo Bills free agents: ranking the best

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John Clayton looked around the NFL at the pending free agents.

The Buffalo Bills have a long list of potential free agents this offseason including key contributors on both offense and defense. Who do folks around the NFL see as the top Bills free agents? ESPN’s John Clayton ranked the top 50 free agents from around the NFL and three Bills made the list.

Stephon Gilmore, CB

“The Bills might have to franchise Gilmore because he is one of the best corners on the market. He could get a big offer if he makes it to free agency,” says Clayton. Gilmore is number 13 on Clayton’s list and the top cornerback.

Many Bills fans would be happy to move on from Gilmore, who successfully rebounded after a brutal opening to the 2016 season. We projected Gilmore to receive a hefty contract and he reportedly turned down an offer that would have paid him $10.5 million per season. If he wants $14 million a season, it will be a tall order in Buffalo.

Zach Brown, LB

“The Bills struck gold in signing him to a one-year, $1.25 million contract. He ended up being the third alternate to the Pro Bowl,” writes Clayton. Brown is 38 on the list but is the second-highest inside linebacker.

Another of Doug Whaley’s free agent diamonds in the rough, Brown will likely command a hefty salary bump this offseason. With the investment in Reggie Ragland in the 2016 NFL Draft, it is difficult to see Buffalo re-signing Brown.

Robert Woods, WR

“Woods might not be a No. 1 receiver, but he's a solid No. 2, and he's only 24.” Well said, John. He is the seventh wide receiver on this list and number 43 overall.

Woods is a player we really like because he does the little things well. He’s a solid possession receiver and is a great blocker. The way this team de-emphasized the pass, his number are even more impressive. We expect him to sign a contract north of $8 million a season, a figure the Bills are unlikely to match.