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What do other teams think of Tyrod Taylor?

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We asked top writers at SB Nation NFL blogs to provide their thoughts on Tyrod’s skills and potential fit with the team they cover.

Everyone is split on Tyrod Taylor. And it has seemed like the general perception of him is worse among those who religiously follow the Bills than those who don’t.

To get specific insight on how Tyrod is viewed by others, I reached out to the top writers at SB Nation NFL blogs that cover teams one could deem as “quarterback needy.” Would their team be interested in Tyrod if he becomes available? What are their individual thoughts on him as a quarterback.

Here are their responses:

Tim Lynch, Mile High Report (Broncos)

“Tyrod Taylor feels like he would have been perfect for the Denver Broncos... in 2015 and then in 2016. However, John Elway wasn't able to get him and now they have Paxton Lynch. From early reports, Elway wants to give Lynch every opportunity to succeed in 2017.

The chances they try to get a guy like Taylor is slim to none at this point.”

David Fucillo, Niners Nation (49ers)

“The 49ers don't have a GM or head coach yet, so that would probably not help matters in determining if he is a fit. I have no idea what the 49ers offensive plan is for next year.

From a basic quarterback perspective, I think he is talented, but I kind of see him as more a quarterback who is a part of the puzzle as opposed to a cornerstone of the franchise. Put the right pieces around him and he seems like a guy with whom you can make noise in the playoffs, but I don't know if he is going to lift up a team that is not quite as talented. The 49ers are far enough away that they are better off trying to find a cornerstone option in the draft or via trade. If they were a bit closer, Taylor might make more sense.”

Luke Beggs, Battle Red Blog (Texans)

“It's honestly difficult to gauge whether or not Tyrod would be as effective in Houston as he had been in Buffalo due to the Texans offensive scheme being contentious in just how it attempts to create yards and easy passing opportunities for it's QB's.

In a vacuum Taylor is no doubt an upgrade who can control to the game to the point where he can accurately take advantage of DeAndre Hopkins excellent route running and the occasionally deep shots to Will Fuller which have all but disappeared from this offenses playbook. Pass placement has been easily the biggest problem with the Texans QB play this season and that's where Taylor would give the biggest upgrade too.

There is the minor instance of the optics of the Texans investing large sums of money into 2 FA's QB in back to back seasons but if you think Tyrod can make the offense objectively better then you pull the trigger. Brock's contract after next season is no worries due to the opt out clause and the only real issue would be re-signing the Texans star CB AJ Bouye. If Taylor were to take a contract which was severely back loaded then by all means the Texans could do the deal without crippling their cap structure.

To bring it back to the original point though everything is predicated on the Texans having an offense for which Taylor can step into that plays to his strengths which after watching it for the last season, I have no idea if that's something which Bill O'Brien and whichever OC is on the sideline, can do.

In summation, Yes to Tyrod in a vacuum so long as the contract's back-loaded, No to Tyrod because investing a large chunk of money into a player who's going to go into a terrible system could ruin the Texans even further.”

Chris Pokorny, Dawgs By Nature (Browns)

“As an outsider looking in, it seems crazy that a quarterback with 37 passing touchdowns to just 12 interceptions, to go along with 10 more rushing touchdowns, would be cast aside by the Bills. What more could they be looking for?

However, once the thought of him being on the Browns is presented to me, my perception changes a bit. He is intriguing because Hue Jackson wanted an RGIII-like skillset for his offense, and Taylor seems to fit that but with more efficiency and less injuries.

However, am I ready for the Browns to commit long-term to Taylor as "the guy," or would I rather build on someone through the draft? I honestly couldn't say right now.”

David Wyatt, Gang Green Nation (Jets)

“I think the Jets will have interest in Tyrod and personally I think they should as well. It's no secret that the options we currently have are far from attractive. Petty still looks extremely raw and the rumblings coming out of New York are that the team doesn’t have a great deal of faith in Hackenberg.

I firmly believe we'll kick the tires on both Mike Glennon and Tyrod (if the Bills move on). Does he fit into our offensive system? That's the tricky aspect of this as we currently don't have an offensive coordinator, in fact...we don't even have any clear candidates for the position.

However he has talent, and his natural athletic ability adds to his appeal. It doesn't hurt that he threw 3 touchdowns against us in Week 2 of 2016 either. It all comes down to finances, we don't have a great deal of cap room and we'll need to make some difficult cuts to create space.

However Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles are fighting for their jobs in my opinion, and finding a QB will go a long way to securing their future.”

Dane Noble, Windy City Gridiron (Bears)

“The Bears still have Jay Cutler under contract for the next few years, to the chagrin of many fans, and the big money in his contract has already been paid.

Tyrod Taylor may would be an option if they didn't have Cutler under contract, but he wouldn't be considered a better option for the team at this point.”

Seth Fox, Revenge of the Bird (Cardinals)

“I think Tyrod has everything that Bruce Arians wants in a quarterback. He is mobile in and out of the pocket, he has the ability to keep big plays alive and make plays down the field.

Tyrod's ability to push the ball down the field is also something that makes him a quarterback that you would expect Bruce Arians to be in love with.

The problem? Arians is notorious for liking his quarterbacks to be big.

Tyrod's size would seemingly make him a non-starter for Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals. Which is unfortunate, because his skill set seems to be exactly what Arians wants in his quarterbacks.”