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Buffalo Bills DE Shaq Lawson undergoes minor knee surgery

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Last year’s first-round pick should be ready for offseason activities.

Bills linebacker Shaq Lawson had arthroscopic surgery performed on his knee during the offseason, the team reported on its website today.

The rookie missed almost all of the offseason and the first six weeks of this post season after undergoing a much-ballyhooed shoulder surgery that the team may or may not have known he would need when they picked him. He played in ten games this season, with one start, and while he was not a major force in the defense he performed reasonably well. He should be switching positions for next season, moving from a 3-4 edge rusher in Rex Ryan’s scheme to a 4-3 defensive end under Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier.

All indications from the team are that the surgery was a relatively minor procedure. There isn’t a discussion of why he needed the surgery (which is generally performed to deal with either ligament or cartilage issues), but if he’ll be back in time for team activities it shouldn’t be anything serious.