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Buffalo Bills attendance falls in 2016

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The number of butts in the seats was way down in 2016.

Buffalo Bills fans didn’t turn out in 2016 the way they showed up in other seasons but attendance numbers were still good. Buffalo stood 17th in attendance with 548,073 fans throughout the season. At capacity, the team could house almost 573,000 in eight games, so the 2016 figures represent a stadium filled to more than 95% capacity.

Averaging that out over the eight home games, Buffalo was able to put more than 68,500 fans into the stadium every week. The stadium’s capacity is 71,608 fans.

These figures are down for 2015, when 559,047 fans came through the gates. That represents a 1.6% drop from year to year. The Bills had about the same season in 2015 and 2016. In 2015 they were 8-8 and 2016 they were 7-9. They were alive in the playoff race late into both seasons. So what is the difference?

Season tickets were the majority of the sales. In 2016, the team sold 58,535 of those, representing about 85% of the total attendance figures.