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David Culley to become Buffalo Bills quarterback coach, per report

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The Bills have an inexperienced quarterbacks coach.

According to a report from Sporting News journalist Alex Marvez, the Buffalo Bills are hiring Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver coach David Culley to be their new quarterback coach. The report is being confirmed by Kansas City Star beat reporter Terez Paylor. Culley’s interview with the team was reported last week, but we didn’t know what his role would be at the time.

Culley is yet another extremely experienced coach for Sean McDermott’s staff, although nearly all of his recent experience was with wide receivers. He has spent the last 23 seasons as an NFL wide receivers coach with the last 17 on Andy Reid’s staff, which is his connection with McDermott. He coached quarterbacks for four seasons at small colleges in the 1980s, spending one at Middle Tennessee State and three at Southwestern Louisiana. He replaces David Lee, who held the position for the team under two different coaching staffs.

With Culley taking on the quarterback role, the question is if the Bills will keep Sanjay Lal after all. Lal, who was a favorite of Sammy Watkins, interviewed with the Eagles for a job but was passed over for another candidate. He is still employed by the team unless McDermott wishes to replace him.