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Rick Dennison willing to collaborate on Buffalo Bills offense

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While “Rico” has been linked to a west coast attack for his entire career, he is open to input from other coaches.

While much has been made of new Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison’s ties to the Gary Kubiak/Mike Shanahan/Bill Walsh coaching tree, some distinctions have begun to emerge about “Rico” himself. We took a deep dive into the Dennison offense upon his hiring, but current Denver Broncos wide receivers coach Tyke Tolbert (who held the same position with the Bills from 2004-2009) spoke with The John Murphy Show Tuesday, and Tolbert relayed some insight into Dennison’s collaborative skills.

“[Dennison] is a smart guy...he’ll not only implement what he does offensively, he’ll also take suggestions from other coaches,” said Tolbert via team reporter Chris Brown. “When you have certain ideas or plays that you want to add to the game plan, be it third down or red zone and it makes sense, he’ll look at it and add it to the game plan. He works very well with the other coaches in that respect.”

This seems to marry well with the philosophy the organization took on offense after dismissing Greg Roman last year. Roman was fired in part for his lack of inclusiveness in game planning, according to WGR’s Sal Capaccio.

While sometimes “too many cooks” can lead to confusion (see the defensive side of the ball in Buffalo for an example), input from multiple places on offense seemed to work quite well for Anthony Lynn and company last season.

Tolbert went on to suggest that another key component to Dennison’s offensive philosophy is catering to the strengths of the quarterback.

“The West Coast is the base system, but there are so many things you can do off of it, whether it’s bootlegs or something else, and I think good coaches fit the scheme to the players,” Tolbert said, adding, “I don’t think he’ll ask those (quarterbacks) to do anything they can’t do. Whatever they do well, they’ll do those things and work some other stuff off of those things to keep defenses off balance.”

If we are to assume that the Bills are keeping Tyrod Taylor around, this may mean that we will see plenty of bootleg and play-action passes that allow Taylor to use his two greatest assets: his legs and the deep ball. Maybe Rico will dare him to throw the football over them mountains, after all.