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Wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal leaving Buffalo Bills to join Indianapolis Colts

Lal is leaving the Bills after coming over with Rex Ryan in 2015.

Although coaches from previous regimes are hardly ever retained when a new head coach is hired, there seemed to be a good chance that Sanjay Lal’s relationship with his players (in particular Sammy Watkins) would keep him employed with the Buffalo Bills. It did not. Lal was announced as the new Indianapolis Colts wide receivers coach on Wednesday.

Lal served two years as the Bills wide receiver coach (2015-16), joining the staff when Rex Ryan was hired. Before their arrival, Lal spent the previous three seasons with Ryan in the same role with the New York Jets. He originally broke into the NFL coaching ranks in 2007 starting as the offensive quality control coach for the Oakland Raiders.

Regarded for his relationship with his players, Watkins produced his only 1,000-yard receiving season to date under Lal’s tutelage in 2015. But there aren't many other highlights other than that one from his tenure in Buffalo.

When a new head coach comes in, as Sean McDermott did this offseason, your on-field performance is mostly likely going to carry more weight with him than what the players say about you. Conversely, if you’re Lal, why would you want to stay with a coach you've never worked with, in particular, one that is a first-time head coach?