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Is Tyrod Taylor better than Eli Manning?

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One writer at the New York Daily News thinks he is.

It’s the classic debate: “Would you rather have Player X or Player Y? Not Player X in his prime, but Player X right now.” One New York Daily News writer had this exact discussion yesterday about Tyrod Taylor and Eli Manning and his conclusions may come as a surprise to some.

Writer Seth Walder says that he would rather have Taylor as the quarterback of the New York Giants in 2017 than Manning. Yes, he would rather the Giants dump their two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, the one who has made 171 consecutive starts (a streak that dates all the way back to 2004), the one who just threw for 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns, and pick up the Buffalo Bills quarterback who has just 29 career starts to his name.

Walder’s reasoning lies in advanced statistics. He notes that Manning finished 20th in passing DVOA last season, compared to Taylor’s 19th-place finish. Manning finished 22nd in points added, and Taylor finished 9th. Manning was 27th in QBR, while Taylor was 9th.

Walder correctly notes that a great deal of Taylor’s worth is in his ability to make plays with his legs, and he also suggests that this may be a reason why Taylor is so undervalued. While Taylor does not have eye-popping (or, for 2017, even league-average) statistics, Walder notes that what Taylor doesn’t do (turn the ball over) is worth as much as what he does do. He also mentions that the talent in Manning’s receiving corps (Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, rookie Sterling Shepard) is far superior to that of Taylor’s.

It’s always interesting to see an outside perspective on players that we as fans analyze (and over-analyze) on a daily basis. What do you think—is this writer crazy, or is Tyrod Taylor actually a superior player to Eli Manning at this point in his career?