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Buffalo Bills Super Bowl memories mix good and bad

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Bills fans have lots of Super Bowl memories.

The Super Bowl is just over a week away, and as Buffalo Bills fans the weekend lost its football significance a long time ago since our team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2000. But what we have is a lot of memories of four consecutive Super Bowls in the early 1990s and some very, very memorable plays.

Wide Right

In Buffalo’s first Super Bowl, the Bills offense was stifled and stymied but they managed to put up enough points and move the ball into the outer reach of kicker Scott Norwood’s range for a game-winning field goal. Sure, it would be a tough kick, but it was a make-able kick. Here is the entire final drive:

Thurman’s Lost Helmet

The following year, in Super Bowl XXVI, the Bills started the game with a successful defensive stop. But then Kenneth Davis took the first handoff instead of future Hall of Famer, Thurman Thomas. The Bills captain had lost his helmet during the coin toss. Read the whole story here. Look he head it before the game:

Don Beebe strips Leon Lett

The Bills were being blown out by the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVII. They had turned the ball over so many times in the game, it became farcical. Well, Don Beebe made sure there wouldn’t be any more points off of turnovers, despite Lett having a 20-yard head start.

Four consecutive trips

The best Super Bowl memory that most Bills fans have is the trip to four consecutive big games. Those teams were such a joy to watch as they K-Gunned up and down the field every weekend. The 30 for 30 film interviewing the players from those teams shows the genuine affection those teams have for the best run in NFL history.

While these are the most memorable, they are not necessarily the best memories to have. What are you favorite (or at least most memorable) moments in Super Bowl history, Bills fans.