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Anthony Lynn thought Buffalo Bills job was “quickest turnaround”

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The former Bills coach had nothing but good things to say about Buffalo and the roster.

The Buffalo Bills did not hire interim head coach Anthony Lynn following the team’s firing of his old boss, Rex Ryan. Lynn, now the Los Angeles Chargers head coach, had great things to say about the Bills players and organization along with the city of Buffalo.

"I love the ownership there in Buffalo. Very familiar with the team. To me, that was the best place for me to be because I knew the personnel, I knew all the people I was working with and I think that was the quickest turnaround,” Lynn told The Buffalo News from the Senior Bowl.

Lynn said he was fond of his time in Buffalo, too, where he rose from running backs coach in 2015 to offensive coordinator in 2016 to later the interim head coach for the final game of the season.

"Well, being in Buffalo for two years and understanding the community (was a plus),” said Lynn, per Vic Carucci. “I really liked the Buffalo community, the fans are very loyal.”

Despite his name being thrown around as the favorite for the job, almost until the point McDermott was announced, Lynn is not surprised he did not get the job. He thought his chances may have been impacted by being a member of the previous regime.

"I mean, when you think about it, how many times does the interim head coach really get the job?" Lynn said. "It doesn't happen very often. And when you fire the head coach, sometimes you just want a clean slate, and I kind of sensed that a little bit, and so I never really felt like that was my job.”

Lynn looked around the NFL and may have landed in the spot most aligned for success right now. He has a veteran quarterback. He has skill players and a solid foundation to build off on both sides of the ball. He talked up his Chargers, but he also made sure to praise his former quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, who is a major reason he earned his current job.

"I think he's a young quarterback with upside, is what I see in Tyrod Taylor," Lynn said. "And so I think whoever gets him, they're going to get a pretty good quarterback. I know he's been around the league for awhile, but he's just a second-year starter and I think there's growth there for Tyrod Taylor."