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Buffalo Bills not the first team to allow kickoff recovery touchdown

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This is a new low.

When the Buffalo Bills kickoff team allowed the New York Jets to score 10 points without any time coming off the clock, it was pretty embarrassing. By now you’ve seen the video, but what’s the harm in showing it again?

The MMQB named the Bills special teamers as their Goat of the Week, with writer Peter King lambasting them.

“I have never seen this before. Has anyone?” asked King. “Seriously, has it ever happened that a team kicks off, the ball bounces and bounces and lands a yard deep in the end zone … and running back Mike Gillislee of the Bills is standing right there watching the ball and not falling on it, and the Jets flop on it for a touchdown? The lack of awareness by the Bills’ return team is the most startling faux pas by a team I’ve seen this year.”

The simple answer to his question is, yes it has happened before. In 1984, the New York Giants recovered the opening kickoff in the end zone against the Los Angeles Rams.

The rules state that a kickoff team can not advance the ball if they are the first to touch it so the recovery has to be make in the end zone. In 1990, the Pittsburgh Steelers allowed the San Francisco 49ers to recover a kick at the 5 but they weren’t able to score on the kickoff.

Mike Gillislee, the returner in question for the Bills, only has one career kickoff return and it came earlier in the season finale against the Jets. The team’s primary returner during the season was Brandon Tate (29) while Reggie Bush (5) was a distant second.