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Stephon Gilmore sends message to Buffalo Bills with cleats

The cornerback tells the NFL to “show me the money.”

Soon-to-be-free-agent Stephon Gilmore has sent a message to the Buffalo Bills and the rest of the NFL via custom cleats. As you can see in the image below, Gilmore is making it known what he wants in free agency, and that is for the Bills to back up the Brinks truck.

For @bumpnrungilmore Stencils @dnicecustoms

A photo posted by theheyyman (@_theheyyman_) on

According to noted custom cleat shop, Fabes Sole High, Gilmore wanted to wear the above cleats in the Bills’ Week 17 game against the New York Jets. However, due to logistical issues the cleat customizer, “theheyyman”, did not receive the cleats in time to have them customized and ready for the game. While he wasn’t able to wear the cleats in a game, the message is still the same: “pay me.”

In an interview with with’s Conor Orr this week, Gilmore stated that he “wants to be wanted” wherever he goes. Will the Bills be able to show him just how much they want him?

Earlier this year Sal Cappacio reported that the Bills offered Gilmore $10.5 million a season this past offseason. That was not enough for Gilmore to feel wanted. Gilmore and his representatives want top-five cornerback money. The last cornerback to play in a Sean McDermott defense that wanted big money ended up leaving for greener pastures. Unless the Bills pay or franchise tag him, it looks like Gilmore will be doing the same.