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Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor may be having surgery today

Tyrod Taylor may be having surgery today.

Early this morning, his Snapchat story featured a picture of him in a hospital gown.

On December 29, Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News reported the Bills quarterback had a “severe groin injury that could need more attention in the offseason.”

That tweet came on a day of practice when, initially, Carucci reported a team spokesperson told him Taylor wasn’t in attendance to start the session due to a hamstring injury. Later, Anthony Lynn told the media Taylor was just given a veteran’s day off.

Taylor’s attire doesn’t guarantee he’s going under the knife for that groin injury. He could be undergoing a test or having something done completely unrelated to football. That’s important to keep in mind.

But we do know he’s in a hospital today.

No, this doesn’t automatically mean Taylor’s “injury-only guarantee” is triggered now. The only way it does is if two things happen — the Bills decide to not pick up his option, thereby releasing him, and he can’t pass a physical upon that release. In that case, Buffalo would owe him $27.5M.

The Bills have until the third day of the new league year, which is March 11, to decide whether or not they want to pick up Taylor’s option.