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Anthony Lynn betting odds favorite for Buffalo Bills’ head coach job

It’s widely expected that Anthony Lynn will be named the next head coach of the Buffalo Bills, and the oddsmakers are now reflecting this, too. has set the odds at 2/1 that Lynn will get the job.

Take this with a grain of salt, though, as the gambling site list only one candidate other than Lynn that so far has been linked to the Bills — that being current Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich who has the fourth best odds.

Those who harp on Lynn’s lack of experience as a coordinator will be intrigued to see New England Patriots offensive and defensive coordinators come in at second and third on the list in Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia, respectively. While it may be fun to fantasize about products of the Bill Belichick coaching tree coming to Buffalo to hopefully lead the Bills to an AFC East title, I’ll once again point out that neither guy has been linked to Buffalo. And besides, both are likely up for other jobs and will not be very inclined to battle against their sensei for a division he and the Patriots have won 14 out the 16 seasons that he and Tom Brady have been together.

An interesting omission here is Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, who unlike everyone on this list but Lynn, has in fact been confirmed by the Bills has having been interviewed. It makes sense that Kyle Shanahan and Tom Coughlin would be among the lowest odds as both have been strongly linked to other teams, but it’s a bit of a surprise to see Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin make an appearance. He’s been linked to several teams, but the Lions ranked just 18th in overall defense (the Bills were 19th, not much of an upgrade, huh).

As with most things associated with Vegas, this list is fun, and nothing more than that.