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Redskins’ defensive opening could force decision on Lynn, Bradley partnership

If the Bills want Bradley, they may need to lock up Lynn fast.

If the Buffalo Bills indeed plan on making Anthony Lynn their next head coach and giving him every opportunity to succeed, then they may need to lock him up quickly. Reportedly, if hired, Lynn plans on choosing former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley to be the man in charge of running the Bills defense

The Washington Redskins fired their entire defensive coaching staff just days after their Week 17 loss to the New York Giants that would have rewarded them a playoff spot with a victory, and word is they want Bradley to take over as DC.

Bradley’s tenure in Jacksonville was unsuccessful, to put it mildly. In four years there, he posted an atrocious 14-48 record along with a .230 winning percentage, which stands as the worst in NFL history for coaches with at least 60 games experience. Despite, his failures with the Jaguars, Bradley remains a wanted man because of his renowned defensive insights. He’s earned respect around the league for the job he did as the DC of the Seattle Seahawks from 2009-12, where he helped foster the strong defensive reputation the Seahawks have held for so many years.

Bills fans should be intrigued by Bradley, who runs a 4-3 defensive scheme as opposed to Rex Ryan who operated a 3-4 defense that did not please some of the Bills defenders.

The Bills offensive unit is solid (although, dramatic changes may be on the horizon) having ranked 10th and 11th overall over the last couple of seasons, while also finishing 1st in overall rushing as well. So the logical step towards getting over the dreaded playoff hump would be to solidify the defense, and there may not be a better man to help than Bradley.