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Who was responsible for the Buffalo Bills’ last few head-coach hires?

Much has been made about the Buffalo Bills’ organizational hierarchy. You know, who hires who, who reports to who, who has power over who, who can fire who... all that stuff.

Here’s what we do know — GM Doug Whaley was not in the room when Rex Ryan was hired. Also, Rex, like Whaley, reported directly to ownership. However, when it comes to who was (mainly) responsible for Buffalo’s ultimately failed head-coach hires, things aren’t as clear.

John Wawrow of the Associated Press offered some clarity on this topic:


If Wawrow’s tweet is indeed correct, especially regarding Rex and the Pegulas, it’d fall in line with the idea that Whaley kept his job despite Rex getting fired.

It’ll be interesting to see if Whaley and/or the Pegulas comment on who was (mainly) responsible for the hire of the Bills next head coach.

Remember, on January 1, Wawrow tweeted Russ Brandon will not be involved in this coaching search.