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Report: Doug Whaley to maintain control of Buffalo Bills’ 53-man roster

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The report also provides insight on what power the next head coach will have.

On Sunday, reports surfaced that the next Buffalo Bills head coach would be given “more power,” especially when it came to the final say on the 53-man roster.

Those reports weren’t great news for GM Doug Whaley.

Tonight, Sal Capaccio of WGR550 provided a totally different report with these two tweets:

As Jeff Hunter mentioned in his article on Sunday’s reports, control over the final roster isn’t something many head coaches have. I agree with his thought that there isn’t “someone on the Bills head-coach list who merits a level of control that’s given to, say Bill Belichick or Marvin Lewis.”

Also, the head coach having full control over his staff is fair, logical and commonplace in the NFL.

In all but three situations across the league, the GM has control over the 53-man roster. So if Capaccio’s report proves to be true, this is great news for Whaley and, at the very least, signifies some vital normalcy in the Bills’ organizational hierarchy.