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2017 NFL power rankings, Week 6: Buffalo Bills tumble

The Bills dropped off in some of the power rankings this week.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

With the Buffalo Bills suffering a loss this week against the Cincinnati Bengals, we expected them to take a hit in the eyes of the national power rankings. Some outlets that were riding very high on the Bills last week, made them plummet this week, but some actually kept the Bills in the same exact spot as last week.

Peter King's MMQB poll had the Bills drop five spots from 14 to 19 in the poll. One voter had them ranked as low as 23, but two voters were still high on the Bills, ranking them at 12. It’s surprising people would rank them at 12 considering the extreme lack of offensive production, but 23 seems ridiculously low as well.

SB Nation, who may have been the most wild Bills supporters last week, having them as the third-best team in the league, has dropped them all the way down to 16. I guess two blown coverage by a rookie results in a 13 position slide.

ESPN is the model of consistency here They kept the Bills at 16, which is exactly where they were coming off the win over the Atlanta Falcons.