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NFL Week 6 Open Thread: early games

There will be a new first-place team in the AFC East this afternoon

With the Buffalo Bills sitting this week out for their bye, fans like us might find ourselves with some extra time on our hand this afternoon. Of course, the NFL world doesn’t stop turning merely because our favorite team is resting up in preparation for a week 7 contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so it’s also possible that we’ll be surfing channels and watching the other games unfold.

In terms of Buffalo’s early playoff hopes, the 1 o’clock games hold some intrigue. When the New England Patriots kick off against the New York Jets, that game will decide who sits alone in first place through six games. The Miami Dolphins also play at 1, and they have a chance to pull even with Buffalo at 3-2 if they can do what the Bills did by knocking off the Atlanta Falcons in hostile territory.

Whatever you decide to do with your Sunday, may it be a restful and enjoyable day. Next week, we’ll all be right back on the bandwagon with our Bills. Until then, use this thread as your place to discuss today’s early games.