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Adam Schefter gave the Buffalo Bills the worst trade ever in his “just-for-fun ideas”

Schefty has gone rogue

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN proposed some ideas for trades to happen before the trade deadline on Halloween. His suggestion for the Buffalo Bills was less than stellar.

Marcell Dareus to the Cowboys for a fifth-round pick

“The Bills were active this offseason and have one more move to make, clearing a huge dead cap figure for Dareus in 2018 and creating more cap flexibility. The Cowboys add talent to the interior of the defensive line and give Rod Marinelli a key piece down the stretch.”

Dareus for a fifth-round pick is completely outrageous for a player of his caliber. Sure, Dareus hasn't been a model citizen over the past couple of years under Rex Ryan's control. There have also been some questions about him buying into the new regime and he hasn't earned the amount of snaps we originally thought. Although, it increased a significant amount against the Buccaneers where he played 41 snaps and had 5 tackles, which was the the most out of any defensive lineman for the Bills. Dareus is slowly getting back to his pre-Rex play where he was a 2-time Pro Bowler and a first-team All-Pro. When Dareus plays, he is dominant.

Schefter got the cap situation wrong as well. If Dareus were to be traded, Buffalo would be on the hook for a $14 million cap hit in 2018, a savings of just $2 million. Once you factor in cost of replacement, I’m not sure how much “cap felxibility” that really provides.

All-in-all, to trade a player like Dareus for a fifth-round pick is crazy as it is, but to add that much dead money for a measly pick makes a trade like this out of the question. For those who have called for Dareus to be cut or traded, be patient and trust the process.

Maybe this tweet, supposedly sent by Trey Wingo as a joke, was really Schefter getting ready for this article.