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Buffalo Bills TV ratings stay consistent against Atlanta Falcons

Bills ratings on par with last week

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills highest-rated game of the season came last week, against the Denver Broncos. According to Buffalo News writer Alan Pergament, the Denver game came in rating of 36.9 on the Buffalo CBS affiliate. Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons nearly matched it, coming in rating with a of 36.8 on the same network.

Pergament also points out that the ratings for the game grew drastically over the course of the game. At kickoff, the game received a rating of 30.9 but gradually grew to 41.5 by the time the game had ended.

This was one of the biggest games in recent memory, so it is puzzling as to why the kickoff rating was so low. Maybe viewers had little faith in the Bills. Maybe some fans did not want to see any protests from NFL players. Maybe people were just busy at 1:00.

Regardless of the reason, Bills fans across the Buffalo area tuned in fast when they realized the 2017 Buffalo Bills wouldn’t be aired out by one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks.