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Week 9 NFL power rankings give the Buffalo Bills a boost

They Bills in closer to the top 10

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Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are sitting at 5-2 for the first time in 6 years. They currently are a half-game out of the best record in the AFC and are 4-0 at home. A win on the road in Week 9 against the New York Jets would put them in the lead of the AFC East for at least 10 more days. The Bills are earning more respect around the league after they blew the Oakland Raiders out 34-14.

The Bills are the highest in Bleacher Report’s rankings where they have generally been higher than the other rankings. Their statement win last week moved the Bills up from the 10 spot to eight which is good for the 4th-best team in the AFC.

In USA Today’s rankings, the site that picked the Bills to tank this year has them sitting at 10. They moved the Bills up just 2 spots and they are still ranked 5th out of all AFC teams. Their defense is putting them in positions to win games every week but they still find themselves lower on the list than the Jacksonville Jaguars who have a worse record than them.

Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner didn't put the Bills in the top 10, but they did move them up 5 spots to land them at 11. In their rankings, the Bills are the 4th best team in the AFC. The Bills have a +14 in the turnover margin and their defense is the leading scorers in the NFL. If the Bills keep forcing turnovers, the wins will continue to follow.

Sports Illustrated had the Bills lower that most in the beginning of the season, now they're in the top 10. The Bills have the 4th-best ranking in the AFC which seems to be a common trend, jumping over the Houston Texans after their late 4th quarter loss to the Seahawks.

Of course, ESPN has the Bills lower than a 3-4 Houston team coming off a loss. The Bills are the 5th-best team in the AFC according to them and they moved the Bills up 4 spots to 11. In week 9, the team that the Bills jumped to get there was the Jacksonville Jaguars.