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Madden simulation gives New Orleans Saints a 38-23 victory over the Buffalo Bills

Madden does not have faith in the Bills this week.

This Sunday, the Buffalo Bills will be looking to continue their dominance at home when they host the New Orleans Saints. Last week we simulated the Thursday night game against the New York Jets using Madden NFL on PlayStation 4. The Bills were picked to win that game in Madden but well, we know what happened. What did Madden have to say this week?

It was all Saints in this match up as Drew Brees had a field day against the Bills defense throwing for four touchdown passes. The Saints put up over 400 yards of total offense without committing a single turnover. After losing the turnover battle in the actual game against the Jets, Buffalo is predicted to do so again to the Saints surrendering three turnovers on the afternoon.

For the Bills, Tyrod Taylor passed for 263 yards while throwing two touchdowns but they were evened out by two interceptions. LeSean McCoy was the leading rusher for Buffalo, gaining 78 yards on the ground without a single touchdown. In the game Steven Hauschka was HaushMoney connecting on all three of his field goal attempts. Hopefully the game goes differently than the simulation this week.

Bills vs. Saints Madden simulation

Saints 38, Bills 23