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AFC playoff picture: Buffalo Bills remain in Wild Card position despite consecutive losses

Buffalo is still in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot, even if they haven’t played like it recently.

For the second week in a row, the Buffalo Bills got blown out. This time, the New Orleans Saints administered the beatdown. But despite consecutive losses, Buffalo is still in good playoff position if they can, you know, figure out how to score on offense and stop people from scoring on defense.

Other than Buffalo’s loss, the worst thing that happened on Sunday is both AFC South teams took home victories despite being down late. The Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars are locking down playoff spots in a muddled AFC. One is on track to be the division champ while the other is set to be a Wild Card team. That is unless one or both of them falls apart.

The Miami Dolphins were the only team that could threaten to overtake Buffalo, but they lost on Monday Night Football to the Carolina Panthers and solidified the Bills in the sixth playoff spot as one of only a handful of teams with a winning record.

Here are the updated playoff standings. Only the tiebreakers that are currently being used are listed.

AFC Playoff Standings

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2, 5-1 AFC)
2. New England Patriots (7-2, 4-1 AFC)
3. Kansas City Chiefs (6-3, 4-2 AFC)
4. Tennessee Titans (6-3, head-to-head win over JAX, 5-3 AFC)
5. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3, head-to-head loss to TEN)
6. Buffalo Bills (5-4)
7. Miami Dolphins (4-5)
8. Baltimore Ravens (4-5, 4-3 AFC)
9. Oakland Raiders (4-5, 4-4 AFC)
10. New York Jets (4-6)
11. Houston Texans (3-6, 3-4 AFC)
12. Cincinnati Bengals (3-6, 3-5 AFC)
13. Los Angeles Chargers (3-6, head-to-head win over DEN, 2-5 AFC)
14. Denver Broncos (3-6, head-to-head loss to LAC, 2-4 AFC)
15. Indianapolis Colts (3-7)
16. Cleveland Browns (0-9)

Editor’s note: This article was originally published before Monday night’s game and updated following the results of that game. - MRW