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How well does Nathan Peterman have to play to avoid drafting a QB this year?

Peterman will have do something incredible to make QB an afterthought in the draft.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the shocking announcement coming out of One Bills Drive today that rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman will start over Tyrod Taylor, it raises a huge question: How well will Peterman have to play in order for the Buffalo Bills to not draft another quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft?

The answer... he’ll have to be outstanding.

At this point, Peterman might have to put up an above-average performance to even earn a second start this season. Head coach Sean McDermott was noncommittal on the future of the starting quarterback position for the remainder of the year. When asked if it would be a one-time start, McDermott replied, “We’ll see.”

Even if Peterman plays horrendously, this move shows that Taylor’s days in Buffalo are numbered. Organizations wouldn’t switch starters mid-week if they had the slightest bit of confidence in the guy they benched. The lack of confidence shown in Taylor is a big sign that he will either be cut or traded in the offseason. When that inevitably does happen, the team will need another quarterback.

Another point to mention is that this draft class is being touted as “the year of the quarterback.” With prospects like Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, and Mason Rudolph, among others, it’s one of the better QB classes coming out in a while. If you don’t take a chance here and Peterman ends up not being the franchise guy, the Bills will likely end up reaching for the stars on another EJ Manuel-like player in a few years.

In order to maintain the starting position, Peterman will have to put up outstanding numbers and lead the Bills to the playoffs, and probably get a win or two there. That’s the only way the front office could possibly pass on taking a QB in this passer-heavy draft class.