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Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Chargers television broadcast map

A game outside of the US will take broadcast precedent this weekend

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

As the Buffalo Bills travel across the country to try and end their two game losing streak against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday. A very small portion of the country will be able to watch the Bills this week however.

The four o’clock game in California is the only late game being broadcast on Fox, but it is only being in the areas below, highlighted in yellow and dark brown (via

With the New York Jets on a bye week and the New York Giants playing earlier in the day, the majority of the State of New York will be able to watch the Bills this weekend. Once the clock strikes four though, most TV’s around the rest of the country will be tuned into the game in Mexico City between the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.

One cool thing about this map is that new Bills starting quarterback Nathan Peterman’s family and friends will be able to watch them from the comfort of their home if they are unable to make the trip. Peterman was raised in Jacksonville, Florida, one of the small sections of the nation outside of NY that will see the Bills on TV. It should also be noted that the map can change later in the week if, say, Pennsylvania wants to switch over. Peterman attended college at Pitt so it might make sense for a swap.