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Nathan Peterman promoted: Talking Buffalo Bills with SB Nation Radio

Thoughts on Tyrod Taylor’s legacy and what Peterman brings to the team

The Buffalo Bills surprised the NFL on Wednesday, promoting rookie Nathan Peterman over incumbent quarterback Tyrod Taylor. At 5-4, holding onto the sixth seed in the AFC playoff standings after two consecutive thrashings, Sean McDermott made a “calculated risk” to right the ship, a decision that was immediately second-guessed around the league. SB Nation Radio wanted to get a local perspective on the move, so I hopped on to talk.

We talked about Taylor’s legacy through two and a half seasons with the team, why the coaching staff wanted to make a change, and what Peterman brings to the team.

We discussed Taylor’s risk-averse nature, and whether he was coached to play that way or if it’s a style he developed during his career. We also talked about Peterman’s style and why it’s a better fit for Dennison’s orthodox West Coast Offense. I also gave the Bills a 50/50 shot at making the playoffs this year.