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Buffalo Rumblings editorial staff changes, November 2017

Not a news dump.

We wanted to let you know of some editorial staff changes we have undergone recently. Some you may have noticed, some you didn’t yet, and some you’ll never know about.

First, we want to thank Jeff Hunter for all he’s done as he steps away from his role as Editor. His work and talent were instrumental in our transition from Brian Galliford to Chris Trapasso a year and a half ago and again in the transition from Chris to me this summer. As his personal life undergoes some exciting and significant changes, the time commitment became too much for him. He is not ruling out a return when things calm down, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Taking his place as editor, Sean Murphy will be stepping in to help out behind the scenes. He will still write his articles but his skills will help me proofread and edit other writers’ work but you may not even notice that change.

To try and replace Jeff’s writing, we added two new writers to the staff from our contributor pool and both have successfully moved from commenter, to fanpost writer, to unpaid contributor, to paid writer. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Grif (a.k.a. Andrew Griffin) and Skarekrow (a.k.a. Jeff Kantrowski) into these expanded roles. Perhaps you’ve seen their byline a few more times than normal the last week or so as we were sorting everything out. This should once against serve as a reminder that the majority of our editorial staff - including me - began our journey by commenting on the site.

Use the comments section as an opportunity to congratulate Skare, Grif, and Sean, as well as leave your thought for Jeff.