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Madden simulation starts the Nathan Peterman era with a 30-27 Buffalo Bills win

Madden is all in on Petermania.

San Diego Chargers v Buffalo Bills Photo by: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

It has been an interesting week for the Buffalo Bills with the news that Nathan Peterman will be starting instead of Tyrod Taylor this Sunday against the Chargers. Everyone is wondering what the offense will be like now with Peterman under center. Well, we have the answer, kind of, courtesy of EA Sports’ NFL Madden 18 on PlayStation 4 after we ran our weekly simulation. Last week, the game predicted the Saints to cruise to a victory over the Bills, and we all know how that went.

Bills 30, Charger 27

Madden must be a Petermaniac because it has the Bills winning their first game with Peterman under center, 30-27. On the day, he threw for 241 yards, adding three touchdowns and an interception. Peterman was helped by LeSean McCoy, who was the team’s leading receiver with 79 yards and a touchdown on seven catches. On the ground, he was just as effective, with 91 yards and a touchdown.

One thing to note, howeve,r is the defense did not step up to the occasion again giving up over 500 yards to the Chargers. A large chunk of that came in the fourth quarter, when Los Angeles made a late surge to try and win the game.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Sunday.