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Los Angeles Chargers 34, Buffalo Bills 7: Second half open thread

So about that Peterman guy...

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Through two quarters, the Buffalo Bills have been demolished by the Los Angeles Chargers, 34-7.

Clearly, the offense was being held back by Tyrod Taylor’s poor performance. Rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman came in and showed what a real QB can do, throwing five interceptions before halftime.

The Buffalo defense started the game well enough, but the linebacking corps continued to look unathletic and out of position in both the running game and the passing game. Anthony Lynn and Philip Rivers found mismatches throughout Buffalo’s defense, putting Keenan Allen on linebackers and even catching a receiver against defensive end Shaq Lawson at one point.

But the real story of the game is just how awful Peterman has played. His first interception was not his fault, as a bobbled pass from Patrick DiMarco dropped into the hands of a Chargers defender, who returned it for a touchdown. Two more interceptions followed, throws that were affected by defensive pressure, but “hero plays” that shouldn’t have been attempted when being hit. After those, Peterman flat out imploded with two more misreads leading to turnovers.

The Chargers haven’t scored this many points before halftime in franchise history.

I’m sure everyone is going to be calm and reasoned in discussing the results of this game. For those fans watching at home, here’s your second half open thread.