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After five interceptions, Buffalo Bills bench Nathan Peterman for Tyrod Taylor

What a day.

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

After a disastrous first half, Nathan Peterman was benched in the third quarter against the Los Angles Chargers. Tyrod Taylor came back into the game for the Buffalo Bills with the team down 40-7.

Peterman threw five interceptions (with a lot of help from his teammates) in the first half, the most since 2001. He finished the day 6-of-15 for 66 yards and the five interceptions. He had a fumbled snap, too, but was able to recover that.

The Bills moved to Tyrod after falling to 5-4 and losing two straight games in blowouts. The offense was stifled but that was just as much on the running game, offensive linemen, an the play calling. The running game was working for Peterman early in the game as LeSean McCoy scored a touchdown on a two-play drive all on the back of Shady.

We will have to see what happens after the game. Head coach Sean McDermott will address the media after a third consecutive blowout and the first question will probably be about the QB situation.