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With Buffalo Bills defense faltering, fans want coordinator Leslie Frazier out

Bills fans are not trusting the process.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills defense was nowhere to be seen again as the Los Angeles Chargers cruised their way to a 54-24 victory over the Bills. The defense allowed 429 total yards to the Chargers and did not force them to punt until halfway through the third quarter. This was after not forcing a single punt against the Saint's offense last week.

It was another week where coordinator Leslie Fraizer’s defense allowed another team to rush for over 100 yards and QB Philip Rivers to pass for 251 yards and two touchdowns. Both touchdown passes were to Keenan Allen who carved up the team’s secondary for 159 yards receiving yards. The defense just could not force any turnovers either to give their offense the short field.

The poor performance on defense made us ponder a question that we asked all of you to answer.

Some people wouldn’t know how to feel.

There are those who would agree with it:

Maybe, just maybe, it would let us bring up the “p” word again.

There were a lot more reactions if you want to click through and view them on the tweet.