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How did the 5 Buffalo Bills to watch against the New York Jets perform?

This was a tough game to watch

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

In one of those, “games they should win” scenarios, the Buffalo Bills got obliterated. The defense gave up almost 200 yards on the ground and couldn't stop anyone on the New York Jets. The offense couldn't get anything going in the run game with 22 attempts for only 63 yards. This was one of the worst games I've seen the Bills play in the past couple of years.

QB Tyrod Taylor

Taylor was pressured on 21 drop backs and only four of those times were his fault according to Pro Football Focus. Taylor was sacked seven times against a team who only had 11 sacks in the first eight games. Taylor had a good stat line completing 29/40 for 285 yards and 3 total touchdowns, and teams usually win with stats like that. Bottom line is, Taylor looked good and he didn't get any help from anywhere. If you sit there and brew up reasons why this game was his fault, stop doing it, because you're wrong.

RB LeSean McCoy

The run game looked awful, McCoy had 12 carries for 25 yards. He had one run of 13 yards and the rest were either a loss or a couple of yards. The offensive line didn't help him at all. With three or four guys getting blown off the ball every play, it makes it nearly impossible to find anywhere to go for a running back. McCoy did have a couple opportunities to make a DB miss in the hole and he couldn't shake them.

WR Kelvin Benjamin

Well, Benjamin was on the field catching passes before the game and it seemed like he might suit up. He didn't and he had to watch the massacre from the sidelines in street clothes.

The entire offensive line

What a week to pick this unit to keep an eye on. This was the worst performance of the year and it is not even close. 21 pressures were given up and 7 sacks, 22 rushing attempts for 63 yards gives you a 2.86 yards per carry. If you take away Tyrod Taylor’s rushing stats, the running backs had 16 carries for 28 yards which gives you a 1.75 YPC average. They were abysmal. It is hard to even single any of them out because all five of them got bullied all game.

S Micah Hyde

Hyde had 5 total tackles from his safety spot. Josh McCown didn't make many mistakes for Hyde to capitalize on. I don't know how many tackles Hyde missed, but the defense as a whole missed 22 according to Pro Football Focus. Tackling looked to be optional and the Jets were running wild.