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Buffalo Bills-Indianapolis Colts first half open thread

A blustery, cold day is the backdrop for a battle of backup quarterbacks

Who’s ready for Nathan Peterman versus Jacoby Bissett?!

A matchup of backup quarterbacks between the Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts in sub-freezing December weather isn’t quite what most fans anticipated when the schedule was released, but alas, here we are. While the potential for lake-effect snow may have been easy to anticipate, a knee injury for Tyrod Taylor and a season-long recovery from shoulder surgery for Andrew Luck may have been harder to predict.

The Bills sit at 6-6, comfortably in their familiar place “in the hunt” in December: they aren’t far enough out of the race to tune out entirely, but they aren’t close enough to have any reasonable expectations for breaking the playoff drought, either. Meanwhile, the 3-9 Colts are playing out the string on a lost season.

Today’s forecast calls for sustained winds in excess of 20 miles per hour, as well as snow showers and flat-out snow all throughout the afternoon. To those who are at the stadium, we salute your fandom. To those watching from the comfort of a bar or their own couch, we invite you to discuss the game with us here.

Go Bills!