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Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills: players, fans dealing with blinding snowfall

Heavy snows in Orchard Park, turn Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills into a winter wonderland of football

The weather outside is frightful. However, fans of the winning team between the Colts and Bills will recall this one as delightful. If to the game you’ve decided to go, you got some snow, got some snow, got some snow.

As this week’s game kicks off in Orchard Park, the weather has officially decided to be a factor. Buffalo Bills defensive backs could have some trouble locating the Colts’ receivers who are expertly camouflaged for today’s game. To contrast this, the Bills will take the field in their all-red Color Rush uniforms. This will only serve to enhance the Christmas spirit as a team full of Santa’s faces off against antagonistic snowmen. Jokes aside, visibility and slippery field conditions should lead to an emphasized ground game and possible blooper reel highlights.

If you’re there, stop reading this and enjoy the game. If you couldn’t make it, take a look at the current conditions.