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Watch: Buffalo Bills two-minute drive in the snow a thing of beauty

This is so great.

Starting on their own 20-yard line with no timeouts inside the two-minute warning in a blinding snowstorm, no one expected the Buffalo Bills to drive it down and score the first points in their game against the Indianapolis Colts. But that’s exactly what they did and they take a 7-0 lead into halftime.

The drive featured three plays over 20 yards in an offensive explosion on a field where you can’t see anything but the constantly-cleared yard lines every five yards. The first big chunk came on a LeSean McCoy run where he found the open field and made guys miss.

He had two 24-yard (or close because we have no idea) runs setting the Bills up near midfield before the passing game took over. Remember, they didn’t have any timeouts so getting out of bounds on the first run allowed them to keep moving the ball down the field.

On 3rd down in Colts territory, Nathan Peterman found Kelvin Benjamin along the sideline to add another big play to threaten deep in Indianapolis territory.

On the next play, Peterman went Benjamin’s way again for the touchdown. All of Peterman’s passes have gone to the big-bodied Benjamin so far.

Noting the weather conditions, it might be the best drive of the season for the Bills offense. Buffalo leads 7-0 at the half.